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With the coming of Chinese Traditional Festival Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to give love to the lonely and disabled elderly, highlight the social responsibilities of the enterprise, more than 20 people from Tianjuquan Health and Technology Group Jinan Branch came to the Social Welfare Institute of Ji'nan City, brought the supplies for the elderly.

Donation event of respecting and caring for the elderly with the theme of "Tianjiquan Jinan Branch's great love without limit went to Jinan Welfare Institute to show loving heart " was formally started at 10 a.m of September 15th.Dai Yuefeng, vice president of the welfare institute took the love supplies one by one from the hand of Fei Ling, general manager of Tianjiquan Jinan Branch—— Tianjiquan SLT semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument, oxygen generator, electric foot bath, waist and neck nursing machine of two sets each, 400 pieces of hundred moon cake, several medicine bag for foot bath, etc.. Dai Yuefeng expressed sincere thanks to Tianjuquan Jinan Branch on behalf the welfare institute, was grateful to the enterprise for coming to the welfare institute to care for the elderly after busy work, and bringing so many supplies being good for the health of the elderly. At the same time, she hoped that more and more enterprises, institutions and individuals will care for the elderly living in the welfare institute, let a little bit of love collect into great love, enabling the society to be more stable and harmonious.

Feng Lin, general manager of Tianjiquan Branch kindly said hello to the elderly in the activity room of the welfare institute, and said that  the enterprise is willing to be an example of respecting and caring for the elderly, care for the health of the elderly, pay attention to the lives of the elderly, exert what little strength we have to care for the elderly. The staff of the welfare institute introduced that there are 400 old people in the institute at the present, most of them are "three-no" old people and disabled old people in the five districts in the downtown. While caring for the health of the elderly is the starting point of Tianjiquan Science & Technology Group from first to last. The Tianjiquan SLT semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument and oxygen generator brought by us for the elderly are all very helpful for the health of the elderly. In particular, SLT semiconductor laser therapeutic apparatus has significant treatment effect for cardiovascular diseases of the middle-aged and elderly.

Then, Feng Lin introduced the instrument to the elderly, "all those living with old people know more or less that cardiovascular disease suffered by the middle-aged and elderly is the collective term for angiocardiopathy and cerebrovascular disease. At present, the rate of incidence ,death and disability of cardiovascular have been the first among all kinds of diseases. Suffering from this disease often causes the middle-aged and elderly to be unable to take care of themselves in their lives. If it is serious, it will threaten  the lives of the elderly, and also cause a huge economic burden and psychological pressure  to the patient's family. Tianjiquan SLT semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument can conduct 650nm weak laser irradiation on nasal cavity. It can inject blood continuously through nasal vessels to add energy and charge oxygen for red blood cells, so as to improve the quality of blood circulation and improve the microcirculation of human body. Semiconductor laser therapeutic apparatus is free from trauma, infection; small size, light weight, easy operation.  It is not limited by the treatment time, and can improve the situation of chronic cerebral vascular diseases such as cerebral infarction, vascular headache, post-traumatic brain syndrome and so on. We hope that this instrument can bring the health safeguard to the  aunts and uncles of the welfare institute. We appreciate support of the all the leaders of the welfare institute. In the future, Tianjiquan Ji'nan branch will come every year at every festival and at New Year, only because caring for the elderly is our business!

Finally, led by the vice president Da Yuefeng of the welfare institute, they came to the living area of the elderly, helped several elders to do massage, and chatted with the elderly. The scene was full of familial affection. An old man with surname Ding has been deeply suffered by lumbar disc protrusion for many years. Tianjiquan staff Xiao Wang did message carefully for the waist of the elderly waist for nearly half an hour. The old man sighed:  If only Tianjiquan enterprise would come every day, his waist pain would relieve a lot! In this public good event, all the staff of Tianjiquan company were in enthusiasm. Everyone said that coming to the welfare institute to care for the elderly before the traditional festival is a very meaningful thing, hope to create a good atmosphere of respecting and caring for the elders in the whole society!