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Tianjiquan Yikang Photon Energy Health Instrument

Product introduction

It is a new health device which can be applied in hospital, home, club, sanatorium, and other places, and its basic principle is: red visible light mainly in band 620-640nm is irradiated to human body circularly, so as to reach the purpose of physical therapy. Its main characteristics are: it is comfortable to use, and it is adjustable in illumination intensity, treated area, and sitting and lying postures; it can be placed in a cinema at the same time of health care; with open design, it can provide sufficient oxygen to muscle, to bring an experience of freedom; gold-level photon irradiation is available from head to foot, and the irradiated position may be selected freely; it is designed according to medical electrical safety standard, and can realize automatic detection and protection of temperature and circuit. 

Tianjiquan Yikang Photon Energy Health Instrument patent No.: ZL 2009 3 0385016.9.